Britu salās sākušies pirmssvētku plūdi (Video, Foto)

Grave concerns: There are concerns for the graves at St Woolos Cemetery, in Newport, Gwent, where many of the gravestones submerged and a large area of the site was covered in waterLielbritānijā spēcīgu nokrišņu rezultātā izziņotas vismaz 400 plūdu trauksmes. Vairākās vietās uzsākta cilvēku evakuācija un traucēta satiksme. Sākušies zemes nogruvumi. Bet salu ziemeļu daļā sasnigusi bieza sniega kārta. Arī prognozes nav iepriecinošas, jo brīvdienās tiek solīts vel vairāk nokrišņu.

Forecast: This three-day look at the weather shows how rain will sweep in on Friday and is predicted to batter most of England on Saturday

The River Ouse through York once again broke its banks today after heavy rainfall

Homes and businesses are boarded up to try and stop the water from destroying property

A man at the Lowther pub leans out of a window and watches water as it is pumped out of the building

Torrent: Flood water from the River Aire, which burst its banks in North Yorkshire

The land under the houses on Aelfleda Terrace started falling away in the middle of the night

Residents were given less than 24 hours notice that their homes would be pulled down

A row of houses in Whitby had to be pulled down after a landslide last month

Grim news: Up to three inches of rain has already fallen over the past two days - and forecasters say it will only get worse

Water pity: The driver of this Porsche 911 and his daughter had a lucky escape when they climbed out of the windows - after the car was submerged by water

Drama: Rescue workers pulled the stricken sports car from the flooded road underneath a railway bridge in Brockenhurst

I'm stuck: A man looks out from his stranded vehicle in flood water at Milby, northern England today

To the rescue: Luckily a kindly farmer came to his rescue, helping the car's occupants to safety

Choked: The M25 near Westerham in Kent had a queue at lunchtime as people streamed away in their cars today

White Christmas: Snow piled up across the North Pennines, where Andrew Heatherington checked the ski tow at a ski-slope in Cumbria

Pugh 21/12/2012

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